2040 is nearly two decades in the future; the technology we use and the environments we live in will be profoundly different. However, there will always be a fundamental need to care for and look after the elderly in our society, especially due to the ageing population.
As we age, there is a chance that we develop cognitive conditions such as dementia. As a progressive disease, people living with dementia can usually continue to live much as before when they are first diagnosed, but they require increased support as their health declines. Subtle interventions are needed to adapt to declines in cognitive functionality, though a radical alteration to someone’s life should be avoided to maintain the dignity and privacy of the person living with dementia. The stigma of dementia, and the worry it causes, is often more debilitating than the symptoms experienced.
The SIA system proposal conceptualizes a fully integrated network of emotional and physical well-being monitors implemented inside the home of someone living with dementia, connected to a wider system of family members and healthcare professionals.​​​​​​​
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